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Region-Specific Impactful Charity Groundwork - a New Way to Join the CE Incubation Program

What are the most impactful interventions within a particular region? In locations that get less international attention or with fewer effectiveness-minded charities, region-specific research to lay the groundwork for new nonprofits may be one of the most impactful things we can work on. Such research offers the dual benefit of providing a place for donations for funders who are only interested or able to fund in a given location, and of creating entrepreneurial career opportunities that those based in the region would have a competitive advantage for. Ultimately, this regional approach will connect local entrepreneurs to the funding and resources they need to create the future top charities of their home country.

To help address this need, CE is accepting applications from individuals and teams interested in doing groundwork research for impactful charities in specific regions. This would involve

  1. attending the CE 2021 Incubation Program (full-time commitment, remotely) from 28 June to 27 August 2021 to hone skills such as productivity, research ability, and operational execution.

  2. conducting at least 6 months of volunteer research (part-time) to identify the most promising intervention areas for possible new charities to be founded in a specific target region. This can also involve leading an EA chapter in the region to engage many individuals in the research. The CE team will be able to provide a research process and weekly guidance from a senior staff member on conducting this research.

  3. submitting the top most promising options to the CE team for potential inclusion in our incubation process for 2022. Possible outcomes of this depend on how many promising charities are found (for example charities that could become GiveWell recommended). Specifically, these outcomes could be: a) If multiple strong ideas are generated by the CE team and/or the team doing the region-specific groundwork, a full CE Incubation Program focused on that region could be launched with support from both parties. The groundwork team could then focus on outreach to find strong co-founders for these ideas (e.g. a CE program focused on a specific country). b) If there is a small number or a single strong idea generated it could be added to the global CE Incubation Program for 2022 with extra targeted outreach occurring in the region to find possible cofounders. Alternatively, it could be combined with another region for a more overarching program (e.g. an Asia-based CE instead of a global one). ​c) If no promising idea is found for new charities the groundwork team will be coached on how to write up these conclusions for a detailed research post on the EA forum, so others can learn from their process and results.

  4. (depending on the outcome at step 3,) spending between 1-6 months polishing the research or conducting outreach for an incubation program to happen in the region. Volunteer researchers may be able to actively participate in the region-specific program as a founder or as a mentor.

Apply for this opportunity via our standard CE Incubation Program application form and select “Region-specific groundwork” where applicable. We will typically be looking for a strong founder who could lead others in their target location. Mandatory requirements to select this track include:

  • Full-time commitment to attend the remote Incubation Program 2021

  • Substantial volunteer part-time commitment for at least 6 and potentially up to 12 months from September 2021 on

We look forward to hearing from you!


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