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Impactful Opportunities Around and Adjacent to Charity Entrepreneurship

We recently hosted an online event, “Impactful opportunities around and adjacent to charity entrepreneurship”. In this short talk and Q&A session, we covered topics like:

  • for-profit vs social vs nonprofit entrepreneurship,

  • how to get involved with the CE community, including opportunities in volunteering and mentorship

  • how to get jobs at early stage non-profits,

  • key talent gaps in the areas CE has researched,

  • best practices in nonprofit management, such as how to effectively measure impact.

Here is the video from the talk by Joey Savoie, our Co-founder and Director of Strategy, with a Q&A session hosted by Antonia Shann, our Editor & Communications Officer.

Slides for the video can be found here.

If you want to apply to our Incubation Program, we start accepting applications March 15 (you are free to reapply).

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