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Launching the Global Health Funding Circle

We are launching the Global Health Funding Circle, a network of donors dedicated to propelling high-impact, scalable programs tackling critical health issues in low- or middle-income countries. Apply for funding by July 9, 2024 if:

  • You have achieved early success with a health-focused intervention.

  • You have a plan to scale your program.

  • You're a registered non-profit or work with a fiscal agent.

Strong applicants will:

  • Demonstrate a groundbreaking approach with the potential to significantly and cost-effectively improve lives.

  • Show us a clear funding gap that our grant will bridge.

  • Back up your impact with measurable results.

  • Show that your program delivers more bang for the buck than cash transfers.

Apply by July 9th, 2024. Decisions are expected by the end of September.

Full details and application: see our website.

Inspired by the Mental Health Funding Circle and Meta Charities Circle models, we offer a collaborative funding experience for both donors and impactful organizations.  Our member donors are anonymous.


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