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Do corporate campaigns work? A comprehensive analysis of the evidence for and against

​In recent years, there has been an observable shift in the animal advocacy movement towards institutional change. Corporate outreach is an institutional strategy that is widely used to achieve positive change for animals. It involves designated campaigns aiming to influence the behavior of corporations.

This report estimates the impact of corporate outreach and assesses the potential impact of a new charity working on corporate outreach. Because of the broad definition of corporate outreach, this report considers 13 sub-approaches in total. These include facilitating international expansion of existing animal organizations, e.g. The Humane League to Asia and Latin America; ensuring companies follow through on existing corporate campaign pledges; and starting a new organization in a priority country advocating for a different issue than the existing confinement-based asks. We expect that corporate outreach is one of the most cost-effective interventions for animals if paired with a high-impact ask and executed correctly in a promising country. In line with our priority animal, priority ask, and priority country research, we expect the most promising charity that could be founded in this space is one focused on corporate campaigns for fish water quality in a country with a high fish population but with a relatively small corporate campaign presence such as Taiwan.


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