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Join our program. Build a highly impactful Effective Giving Initiative!

Program dates: April 29 to June 21, 2024

Launch an Effective Giving Initiative to generate and direct millions in donations to the world’s most cost-effective charities.

Get a co-founder, seed capital, and the training and confidence to launch and run a new initiative. We’ll teach you who to target, how to manage their donations, and where to direct the funds for maximal impact.


In collaboration with Giving What We Can, we expect to launch ~6 new Effective Giving Initiatives (EGIs) in 2024 that will raise and deploy millions by 2027.

We’ll provide

~$100,000 in unrestricted seed funding (to get your initiative up and moving)

A pool of highly talented potential co-founders to match with (so you don’t do this alone) 

2 months of full-time, fully cost-covered training (to give you the specialist knowledge and skills you’ll need) 

Operational and administrative assistance (so you can cut through the red tape)

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Connections and opportunities within the existing Effective Giving Ecosystem

You’ll also receive

  • In-depth understanding of the literature and psychology of evidence-based fundraising 

  • Independent expert advice on evaluating nonprofit impact 

  • Long-term access to the effective giving community 

  • Ongoing post-program support & mentorship from Giving What We Can

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Key skills of effective giving

Best practices for advising high net-worth individuals

Frameworks to critically assess world-class donation opportunities

Introduction to monitoring and evaluation, theory of change, and cost-effectiveness analysis


You don’t need any specific type of work experience or higher education to apply. During the program we’ll help you join forces with a co-founder from the cohort; someone whose skills and experience complement your own. Together you’ll make up an entrepreneurial team that:

Is high in moral ambition: Drives to maximize funds raised and then optimize their impact.

Is deeply impartial and open-minded: Focuses on following the latest evidence about the most impactful giving opportunities worldwide.

Has a strong focus on tangible results: Pushes for the rigor, organization, and accountability to run a tight ship with excellent governance and outcomes.

Grows its influence and credibility over time: Builds relationships and acts as a trusted advisor to discerning donors.

In 2024 we will focus on launching and developing initiatives in the following countries. We have identified these as particularly promising based on conversations with local experts and careful analysis of quantitative indicators. These initiatives can be fully independent or run in collaboration with existing organizations, depending on what is most impactful.

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We encourage applications from all nationalities as only one co-founder may need relevant cultural experience per region/initiative.


In the last few years, several Effective Giving Initiatives such as Doneer Effectief, Effektiv Spenden & Giving What We Can have moved millions in funding to the best charities globally; to the nonprofits that are helping the greatest number, of those most in need, to the greatest extent. In short, they have helped make real progress on many of the world’s most pressing problems.

Effektiv Spenden launched in 2019 and raised €300,000 in its first year. Since then they have raised €35 million and are projected to soon raise €90 million per year, year on year!

Sebastian Schwiecker, Founder & CEO

In five years we have incubated, launched, and supported 31 high-impact nonprofits as well as several grantmaking foundations (more here). We expect this new specialist program to provide even more career opportunities for talented altruists around the world.


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Our goal is to do as much good as possible, and our research suggests this path could be hugely impactful.

We know that many highly effective charities don't currently have the funds they need for maximum impact.

We believe that money, when directed at terrible and neglected problems, can do a huge amount of good if deployed with rigor, evidence, and ambition.

We’re confident that new Effective Giving Initiatives could succeed, as demonstrated by the track record of existing organizations in this field.

We can't launch these initiatives fast enough ourselves, so we're seeking aspiring founders to make this happen.

Download our Effective Giving Incubation report that explains our reasoning, theory of change, potential impact, and more.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that EGIs, including those we intend to incubate or support, make their own educated choices of which charities to promote and where to donate funds. In the interests of transparency we stress that while it is possible that they may decide to recommend donating to charities we have previously incubated, this is not required or encouraged on the program.

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  • Full-time, online, cohort, and project-based training: April 15 to June 7 (with 2 in-person weeks in London in early May) 

  • Stipends are provided to cover living costs during and up to 2 months after the program. 

  • Some co-founders may be invited to the International Effective Giving Summit: from May 28 to May 31 in Oxford.  

  • All co-founders are encouraged to apply to Effective Altruism Global: London 2024: May 31 to June 2 in London. 

Giving What We Can will provide expert training and mentorship both during and after the program.


The application process will consist of five stages. We encourage everyone to apply to Stage 1 as it’s the best way to test your fit. 


Stage 1: CV, multiple-choice and short written questions. (Approximately 30 minutes)


Stage 3: Interview

(Up to 1 hour)

Stage 5: Interview

(Up to 1 hour)


Stage 2: Test task 1 (Approximately 3 hours)


Stage 4: Test task 2

(Approximately 4 hours)

  • Offer letters will be extended at the latest by March 15

  • Your time is valuable. We will only invite you to the next stage if we think you have a good chance of success.

  • The entire application process (from start to being accepted) takes no more than 10 hours.

Commitment to diversity and equal opportunities
We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. We especially encourage applications from people of color, women, non-binary, and neurodivergent individuals who are excited about contributing to our mission. Our application process is blinded wherever possible to reduce biases. Charity Entrepreneurship is an equal opportunity organization. If you need assistance or accommodations due to a disability or have any other related questions about applying, please contact us at

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Jacintha co-leads the development and execution of new CE programs.

Jacintha is an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in founding & scaling organizations. In her role as co-founder of a sustainability scale-up, she grew the company to 30+ staff and was in charge of organization building, strategy, and fundraising. Her achievements were awarded with various prizes and recognitions, such as the Next Women To Watch, the Inspiring Fifty: Women in Tech, and the Forbes 30 under 30. She holds a degree in Sociology from the London School of Economics.

Federico co-leads the development and execution of new programs as well as advises on the overall strategy of the organization.

Federico holds a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich and co-founded High Impact Professionals (via 2021 Incubation Program).
Before HIP, Federico gained valuable experience at a leading Swiss startup/scaleup. His roles spanned from project and product management to spearheading the adoption of agile methodologies. He also played a pivotal role in promoting EA initiatives.




  • When and Where Does the Program Run?
    Dates: April 15 to June 7, 2024. Location: Primarily online, with two in-person weeks in London in May (transportation costs will be covered).
  • Do I Need to Prepare for the Program?
    Preparation begins about 4 weeks before the program with weekly 1-hour virtual meetups and reading assignments. Expect to spend about 6-8 hours a week in the month before the program starts.
  • What About Visas for Traveling to London?
    Most participants can travel to London on a Standard Visitor visa. We will assist successful candidates in exploring their visa options if needed.
  • When Will I Know if I Got Accepted to the Program?
    By March 15, 2024.
  • How Much Does the Program Cost?
    All costs are covered. This includes travel, accommodation (when in person), tuition, materials, and a modest living stipend (i.e., cash to cover living costs) if you need it. We provide stipends for those who need financial assistance because the program requires a full-time commitment for two months.
  • I Have Children or Other Dependents. Can I Attend the Program?
    Absolutely! If you have dependents you need to care for, you can definitely still attend the program and start an EGI. CE will provide financial assistance in the form of stipends for the duration of the program where required. We are all about supporting you to make it work.
  • What Education Do I Need?
    Credentials are less important in entrepreneurship than in other fields. When selecting candidates, we're far more interested in what skills and knowledge you can demonstrate than in your academic history. For example, completing a self-directed project is an excellent indicator that you are a good fit for charity entrepreneurship, as the ability to take initiative and work independently is absolutely necessary for the career. ​ Generally, some useful skills and educational background knowledge include management (particularly nonprofit management), statistics, monitoring and evaluation, ethics, accounting, writing for public audiences, and marketing. However, we’re mostly looking for potential.
  • What Experience Do I Need? Should I Get a Job in Fundraising First?
    Most importantly, you don’t need to have prior experience in starting a nonprofit or fundraising. That’s what the program is for. Of course, project and professional experience is helpful, but it’s not necessary. Many of the leading initiatives in the effective giving ecosystem were started by people with little or no prior experience in the field Entrepreneurial and organizational experience can be useful. However, working in large organizations often gives you a limited range of experience as you work within a single department, whereas starting a EGI requires a broad range of activities. Experience in managing individual or team projects will serve you well. While broad experience is not mandatory, we often receive and accept applications from seasoned experts and managers.
  • Founding an EGI is a Big Leap, Is It the Right Career Path for Me?
    Entrepreneurship of any kind is a big leap. Especially when you factor in the uncertainty of success, the focus on impact over making money, and the prospect of charting new waters. But, nonprofit entrepreneurship as a career is uniquely rewarding. You set your own schedule, make the most important decisions yourself, and can directly measure the impact that you have on the world. No other career path offers this benefits package. If you’re ambitiously altruistic, want to work in the charity sector, and are interested in building a skillset and network that you can use for the rest of your life, nonprofit entrepreneurship might be more attainable than you think.
  • Do I Need to Quit My Job? Is This Program Full-Time?
    It depends. If your job is incredibly flexible, allows you to take time off, or go on a hiatus, maybe not. However, the EGI Program requires a full-time commitment in terms of hours you will need to spend on assessments, partner projects, and learning. That’s two months, five days a week, 8 hours a day. CE provides modest stipends for those in need of financial support (i.e., to cover rent) in this period. Kindly be transparent about any other engagements so that we can find a tailored solution. In general, we highly recommend not underestimating the time you will need to work on a new EGI.
  • Isn't There Someone Else Who Could Do a Better Job Than Me?
    Self-doubt is common, but if you pass our application process, you can be confident that you are in the tier of people we are confident in and are willing to invest substantially in. We focus on potential rather than track record and train individuals with diverse experiences. The challenge often lies in finding the right people willing to embrace the uncertainty of starting new nonprofits.
  • How Will I Choose My Co-Founder?
    The program includes partner projects in the first 5 weeks, allowing you to test your fit working with different participants. These projects, evaluated by CE team members, help you assess potential co-founders. At the end of this period, you'll submit your preferences for co-founder and project location.
  • I Don’t Have a Co-Founder Yet. Is This a Problem?
    No, the vast majority of participants join without a pre-existing co-founder. The program is designed to help you find a suitable match from the cohort through collaborative projects and interactions.
  • Aren't All the Most Important Countries Already Covered by Existing EGIs?
    Existing EGIs have largely come into being organically, primarily just as a result of there being people in these locations up for taking on the challenge. This means that there is a real opportunity for a more holistic approach to identify which other target locations new EGIs could have significant impact. We’ve done our best to identify these promising locations.
  • What If I Don't Have a Relevant Connection to, or Speak the Language of, a Target Country?
    We welcome applications from all nationalities. Only one co-founder needs to speak the language or have relevant cultural experience per region/initiative.
  • What If I Don't Want to Move to a Target Country?
    Only one co-founder needs to be located in a target country. Remote collaboration is possible, though regular travel may be required.
  • Can I Propose Starting an EGI in a Different Location or for a Different Target Group?
    Yes, but you'll need to demonstrate the potential for higher impact in your chosen location / target group compared to our suggested regions.
  • Do I Need to Choose One of Your Recommended Locations Before Attending the Program?
    No, you don’t need to decide on a location before the program starts. You’ll gain more insights into the options and what suits you best during the program. The choice of location can also be influenced by your co-founder. Keeping an open mind about locations is beneficial.
  • How Does the Funding Proposal Process Work?
    Participants will be guided on creating compelling funding proposals during the program. We expect at least half of the participants to receive seed funding from CE.
  • What If My Funding Proposal Doesn’t Get Accepted?
    Alternative options include approaching other donors inside or outside our network. CE offers career guidance and connects unsuccessful applicants to relevant opportunities. Joining another CE-incubated EGI team is also a possibility.
  • Do I Already Have to Know What Sort of Approach to Fundraising I Would Take?
    No. We'll teach you various fundraising tactics and how to evaluate their effectiveness in different contexts.
  • Do I Already Have to Know What Charities I Want to Fundraise For
    No. You'll learn about cost-effectiveness and charity evaluators. Being open-minded about the most cost-effective charities and following evidence-based fundraising strategies is key. Conducting your own charity assessment is possible but not required. The program includes training on understanding the potential and limitations of existing charity evaluators (like GiveWell).
  • Would I Need to Live/Move to One of the Top Recommended Countries?
    No, moving to a target country is not mandatory. We encourage diverse applications. Ideally, each founder team should have one founder with strong ties to the target country and live there, complemented by a generalist from a different background. Regular travel to the target country might be necessary, depending on your project and team dynamics.
  • How Much Will I Get Paid?
    If you found an organization, you will determine your own salary. During the program, stipends are provided for those needing financial assistance, as full-time commitment is required.
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